Singapore: Royal Plaza on Scotts & Orchard Road

A few notes on our hotel in Singapore — the Royal Plaza on Scotts. I took my friend’s advice to pick a hotel in the Orchard Road District for our stay and I’m glad I did.

Orchard Road is a high-end shopping district (though there were tons of huge malls basically everywhere we went in Singapore — and I thought Southern California had a lot of malls per square mile!). Dad and I aren’t really Rolex-and-Tiffanys kind of people, so it would have been the last place I would have booked a hotel for our stay. The area was really central to most of our excursions though, and it was great having a bus stop right outside our hotel and a shuttle to Sentosa Island across the street (though I forgot about that shuttle the day we headed to the island). The Orchard Road MRT station was also nearby and Dad and I certainly made good use of that every single day.

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There’s construction going on outside the hotel right now, but none inside and it didn’t disrupt our stay in any way. The lobby is lovely and we received wonderful service from everyone at the hotel. We arrived at the hotel by 10:30 or 11:00 AM on our first day and they had our room ready to go. They were even able to meet my special request for a room near, but not right by, the elevators so Dad wouldn’t have an unnecessarily long walk.

Our standard room was nothing remarkable, but the beds were very comfy, the wifi connection was fast and reliable, the numerous power outlets were almost all set up for international travelers (didn’t have to use my plug adapter), and the walk-in shower was much appreciated by Dad since he didn’t have to worry about climbing in and out of a bathtub. Also, there’s no charge for the minibar, which we put to good use. It was hot and humid even though the skies were overcast when we were in Singapore, so we were always hydrating in the evening with the free drinks in the minibar. It was also handy to be able to throw a free bottle of water and a few snacks in my purse before we headed out the door each day.

Also, I took advantage of a promo deal when I booked the room so a buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant, Carousel, was included for only Singapore $5 a day. The exchange rate works in our favor, so that was even more of a deal for us. The food wasn’t exceptional (though the lunch and dinner buffets are supposed to be among the best in Singapore, especially for seafood lovers) but there were plenty to choose from for a hearty breakfast every morning. Papa and I were so full after breakfast that we never needed lunch, and the drinks and cookies from the minibar were more than enough to hold us over till dinner.

We didn’t take advantage of the pool (rainy weather) or the gym while we were there, but both of those facilities were nice. And the hotel’s location next to Orchard Road meant we got to check out the whole array of holiday lights up and down that road and the adjoining streets every time we came back to the hotel in the evenings. The Orchard Road holiday lights evidently are becoming a local sight to check out in December, so getting to see them was a nice bonus.

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