Singapore: Gardens by the Bay

I have a terrible habit of not blogging about the most fantastic part of my trips because I have so much to say about those experiences and so many pictures to post in relation to them. But if it’s a good vacation, there’s a very limited amount of time to spend on writing and photo editing!  So let’s see if I can refrain from getting too wordy so I can post about one of my very favorite parts of the Singapore leg of my trip, wrap up Singapore in another post or two, and then get back to El Nido.

On the day Papa and I arrived in Singapore, I spotted the Orchard Road MRT station that was the one closest to our hotel. During lunch, I took a look at the MRT map I’d picked up, decided that I could figure out how to use MRT to get around, and suggested to Dad that we head out to see one of the attractions both of us were most looking forward to: Gardens by the Bay.


The photos I’d seen online of the Supergrove trees instantly reminded me a trio of “trees” at the Getty in Los Angeles that I’ve always loved. The Supergrove trees were much larger, and after our leisurely detour to check out the Singapore skyline, Papa and I couldn’t wait to take the elevator up so we could head out onto the observation walkway between two of the trees. The walkway’s around 66 feet above the ground! Love that my dad isn’t scared of heights at all (even now) and that he was even more excited that I was to check out the views.

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Have I mentioned that the views were pretty fantastic?


After a quick (but very cool) trip to the Cloud Forest conservatory, we headed back to the Supertree Grove to check out the second (and last) light show of the night at 8:45 pm. Several of the trees are wired with lights that are synchronized to music for a 15 minute show. Papa and I really enjoyed it, and eventually I’ll add a video clip to this post once I have a chance to get the video uploaded. For now though, I’m signing off so I can get some sleep before tomorrow’s excurions.

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