Why I Don’t Mess with Tropical Bugs

I was repacking our bags for Dad’s and my next island-hopping trip and when I came out of my room to get something, THIS was climbing up the glass of the plant conservatory:


A 3″x3″ Post It pad for scale:


We left Gigantor Grasshopper alone since he was outside and wasn’t hurting anyone.

I’d gone back into my room, came back out about 30 minutes later, and Gigantor was lower on the glass. I walked a little closer because something looked odd . . . and realized that he was now inside the glass . . . which meant he was inside the house.


The house helpers were able to get the grasshopper back outside relatively quickly, but not before it did a bit of flying to try to get away. It’s kinda terrifying seeing an insect that big flying. Eeek!

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Currently reading: And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini


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