Catching Up with Friends in Singapore

And here is the reason I’m in Singapore with Dad for four days:


No, not the limocello martini (though it was quite tasty)! Irene and I have been friends since 2000, but seeing as we live on the opposite sides of the planet, we haven’t seen each other in person for nearly 14 years. Each time I’d head to the Philippines, she’d remind me that Singapore isn’t that far from PI. This trip was the perfect time to make this international “island hopping” trip happen.


And I’m so glad Dad and I were able to make it over here. We’re having a fantastic time, and thanks to Irene and her son, we’re getting away from the touristy side of things a bit and getting a little peek at life for the locals, which both he and I like to do when exploring somewhere new. We met up for dinner and drinks in Holland Village and I’d so go back there. Great vibe, lots of great places to grab a meal or a beverage, and it’s not a touristy spot.

Dinner with friends came after a day trip to Sentosa Island and the aquarium and man-made beaches there. I’ve really got to get to bed, so a hastily assembled slideshow will have to do for now. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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