Exploring Singapore 2014

More to come on later why Papa and I decided to go to Singapore for a mini-vacation. For now, let’s get to the important stuff — food! One of the things Singapore is famous for is it’s food hawker centers and all the diversity found there. They seem to be everywhere, but a big one that seems to be well-known here is down the street from our hotel, so it was our first stop since we needed lunch after getting settled into our hotel. Off we went to the Food Village at Takashimaya.


We tried a bit of a bunch of things to see what was good. Lunch included Singaporean treats (kaya toast and kopi–the Malaysian word for coffee), Japanese yakitori, and an Indian curry set (with freshly made naan, of course). Papa eats strictly Filipino food when he’s in PI, since that’s what his household helpers cook, but when he’s Stateside he eats food from a wide variety of ethnicities, of course. This was a good way to change things up after his long residence in PI for the past year.

Oh, and there’s one stall at this market that’s dedicated to durian products. If you’re not familiar with durian, let’s just say it’s a very special Asian fruit. I smelled that stall about 10 feet before I actually saw it!

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