Sampling a Culinary Experiment

So Papa and I went “mall walking” today to get out of the house for a bit while still avoiding the afternoon heat. We hadn’t decided where we wanted to go for lunch when I spotted this giant banner:


What?? Did that say what I thought it said?

Ramen What?



Ramen burger.

My sister got us hooked on really amazing, handmade, fresh ramen years ago, so this burger concept was simultaneously terrifying and intriguing. At first I wasn’t 100% sure if Papa really wanted to try it, or if he was kidding, but it turned out that he was excited and amused by the idea, and I’m almost always game to try something new, so off we went.

Ramen Burger 1


The ramen burger wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t particularly good either. Namely because there was no seasoning given to the noodles, and what we both really wanted was all the flavor of good ramen and the broth in burger form. We were glad we split the burger so we could order some other items (a miso-glazed Norweigan salmon and tempura-ed Japanese yam and carrot — both of which were quite tasty) because eating a whole serving of the noodle buns with the beef patty would have been way too heavy and filling. Frighteningly enough, I can actually picture how the ramen burger could be reworked to make it more yummy and appealing. May have to experiment with this idea in the future . . .

And, because the holiday flavors at Starbucks will soon be going away for another year and caffeine is a great way to battle jetlag in the midafternoon, I took Dad to the lovely Sbux at this particular mall. We got the good seats and, between his coffee with cream and three sugars and my ice blended toffee nut latte, we were both happy campers.


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