New Trip, New Round ‘o Blogging

PI-mapI’ve been in the Philippines to visit my dad for three days now, but this first week is pretty quiet in terms of exciting travel blogging. We’re staying pretty close to home for a bit, which is good since it lets me see how his day-to-day schedule is and how he’s doing in general. My dad had some serious health issues that started in February and he’s still recovering, so I want to make sure the fun stuff we’ve got planned for the last half of my trip isn’t going to be too physically demanding for him. That would rather seriously compromise the “fun” aspect for both of us. But he’s both doing well and he’s very excited about that fun stuff, so it’s full speed ahead (I haven’t told my siblings about one part of that “fun stuff” so they can be surprised when I post pictures, hence the deliberate vagueness).

It’s very different being back in PI  after having been here for roughly 2-2.5 months earlier this year. Just a few years ago, I was coming to the Philippines for the very first time as an adult and just about everything was new to me. I’m always going to be a fish out of water here, but after living at my dad’s (as opposed to vacationing there) for 1.5 months this spring, there’s a comfort level that certainly wasn’t there before. Where’s the best place to go exchange dollars to pesos so you get a good exchange rate? I know that. Need to pick up something at the  store that I forgot to pack or just need to do a grocery and sundries run? Sure! I can hop in my dad’s car, drive to the mall, and know where to find everything they have there. Who woulda thunk it? Certainly not I in 2010 when I blogged about my first trip here since I was four years old.

Currently listening to: “Who’s to Blame” by Ozomatli and Chali 2na
Currently reading: An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination, and Being Prepared for Anything by Col. Chris Hadfield


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