The Mind Museum & Chef Tatung’s

One of my goals for this trip was to spend more time exploring what Metro Manila has to offer. After staying in the house almost all day doing trip planning on January 1, I was more than ready to get out and do some exploring.

Now traffic in the Philippines deserves its own dedicated post, but the insanity of that traffic means that my dad hires a driver whenever we need to head outside of his subdivision. Manong Nilo is our driver for these local trips; he came by at the appointed time in the morning, we hopped in my dad’s SUV, and off we went to Taguig City to a recently opened museum that I’ve been eager to see.

The Mind Museum describes itself as the Philippine’s first world-class interactive science musuem. The image’s I’d seen online were enough to make to want to visit (a good sign!), and the fact that everyone in my family geeks out at science museums didn’t hurt either.


The pictures in the slideshow show the breadth of the exhibitions and how interactive they are. Papa and I really enjoyed it and actually ran out of time to see everything because the museum closed earlier that day than I thought. We might have to go back there on a future trip to check out the second floor.

Oh, and the exhibitions extend outdoors with a fun science-based playground. Yes, we had way too much fun playing there . . .

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We rounded out the night by checking out a fine dining restaurant that specializes in traditional Filipino food. I stumbled across the Chef Tatung restaurant online and liked the story of how this very new restaurant (literally only a couple of months old) had evolved from a private dining experience at the chef’s home was for family and friends.

The restaurant location and decor were lovely and our only complaint was that not all of the dishes offered on the menu were available that night — but that’s something that’s pretty common in a lot of PI restaurants. They can’t or don’t stock all of the ingredients needed for every single dish on the menu. Not so fun if they aren’t offering a dish you had your heart set on that evening, but there were plenty of options to choose from on the Tatung menu.

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We weren’t blown away by the food in the end, but everything was tasty and fresh and I finally had a chance to try squid ink when we had the palabok negra. Woo hoo for new food experiences!

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